Conversion to WordPress Website

Conversion to WordPress Website Got an old, antique static HTML website? Your aged website is not cutting your needs anymore? Stop worrying and start dreaming. We are here with years of experience to renovate your old static website into a modern and dynamic wordpress one. WordPress is the most used, free CMS (Content Management System) in market. Running and maintaining a wordpress website is so easy you will not have to hire a web admin even if you are not a tech savvy person.

The process of conversion to wordpress website is really simple, for you. You just need to show us your existing website and point out any changes from your current website if needed. Then you go about your everyday business while your visitors keep on seeing the old website. Depending on your requirements, conversion to wordpress website process should be completed within 7 working days.

The next step is to install the new and shiny wordpress website on your server. To do so, we need access to FTP for file upload and php my admin for database. It is best if we get the cPanel access. While we install the new wordpress website, your old website will be accessible to your visitors, so your business is 100% uninterrupted during the whole process.

Though the actual conversion process involves some challenges, but it is nothing that we can’t handle. In fact, this is what we do every day here at Template House. Once we know the excruciating details of your needs, our digital artists get to work. They design the existing website in photoshop including any new features you want.

We analyze your existing website for any functional deficiency, like how easy or difficult it is to navigate around. In conversion process to wordpress website, we make sure that the new design if functionally efficient. We strategically place the advertisement spot to maximize click through ratio. Once the photoshop design is finalized, we move to the next step, which is writing the codes for the theme.

Now Template house designers hand over the project to the developers, but we keep strong communication between two teams to establish good understanding and to ensure that every detail is worked upon. In the second step of conversion to wordpress website, our coders show their magic.

They add clear comments on each section of the code that helps understand the web admin which code is responsible for what. Template House developers ensure light-weight and clean code. Light-weight and clean code helps your website load lighting fast and reduce server load.We also maintain latest HTML5 standard and SEO guideline, so your website gains a higher page rank. Clean and standard code structure also helps search engine crawlers to crawl your website easily.

Browsers can comfortably translate your website so you get support of virtually all the browsers. Temple House wordpress conversion service is design to deliver you full fledge, functionally efficient and up to the date website. After taking the service, you will not have to worry about your website and will be able to focus more on what your website is supposed to achieve.