Custom WordPress Theme Design

Custom WordPress Theme DesignWhat is the difference between “WordPress theme customization” and “Custom wordpress theme design”? The key difference is that, in wordpress theme customization we customize an existing wordpress theme that our clients sent to us. On the other hand, custom wordpress theme design is designing and developing a wordpress theme from the scratch based on the client’s need, requirements and preferences.

We know your imagination is unique, your business is different than others and readymade themes available in market do not match your needs. TemplateHouse designers and developers stay wake nights after nightsto help you sleep well and build just the right theme for you. With that perfect magical theme for your website, your visitors will feel welcome and delightful, resulting more visitor retention and dumping more revenues in your pocket.

The process of having your own wordpress theme is really simple. Your responsibility is to tell us the dream you nurture in as much details as possible, and then you go to your everyday chores while our binary painters draw your dream in digital canvas and then the developer team takes on the project to give your dream a reality.

The whole process should not take more than 7 days, depending your requirements. Here at TemplateHouse, we maintain a strong collaboration between custom wordpress theme designers and developers throughout the entire process to ensure each and every details is worked upon. Once the theme design is complete, we deploy it on our private server and test the functionality of the theme and possible bugs. It the next step, your custom made wordpress theme is tested with an emulated load of traffic and different user requests to ensure that the theme works just fine under extreme pressure.

We use the latest version of to design wordpress themes. Bootstrap is the most popular and powerful HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework to develop responsive mobile friendly website. Yet bootstrap base websites are feather-like lightweight.

Bootstrap coupled with CSS3 to design the elements of your website makes it look even more beautiful and eye-catching. JavaScript based picture slide, carousel, whatever your website might need, TemplateHouse GURUS will do the job with 100% perfection.Your custom made theme gets the professional attention that it deserves from the very beginning.

TemplateHouse graphics designers strategically places each and every section of your theme to get maximize the click through ratio. We take measures at code level to ensure the web admin can easily change the background, colors and font in future if needed. Integration of social share buttons and in-build simple but powerful ad management system makes it easy to manage ads.

We add clear comments in each sections of the theme describing the functions of the codes and results of parameter changes. Detailed comments also helps easy for any future customization the theme as well as search engines crawlers, which in turn helps the site gain a better SEO and page rank. With TemplateHouse’s custom wordpress theme design service, you get a carefully conceived complete website experience where you will not have to worry about a thing later.