TemplateHouse Themes Delivers Ultra Responsive Designs:

At these modern days, mobile and tablets are dominating the internet browsing. TemplateHouse premium and free themes are developed to ensure that your website provides the best experience on every device. All of our themes are 100% responsive and fluid, which makes your website look great on PCs and mobile devices. With TempleteHouse themes install on your website, you will not have to worry about your visitor-pool and what kind of device they are using, because every time the user experience will be the same.

All Themes Utilize Our Industry-Leading Options Panel:

All of our wordpress themes and HTML templates utilize our industry-leading graphical user interface based control panel. If you are familiar with theme customization, we are sure you have seen confusing code changes due to customizations. With our powerful and easy to use control panel, customizing the face of your website is just a matter of few clicks. Ever seen a great looking theme? And after installation never could get it to look like the demo? Well, with TemplateHouse themes your website will be just like the demo we showcase, and we guaranty it.

Use Any Color For Your Theme By Selecting From Unlimited Color Options:

Colors are one of the most important elements for brands. Changing the colors of your website has never been so easy before. With our wordpress themes and HTML template, you can easily customize your website's color schemes to match your brand or logo. You are now able to choose your desired color from virtually unlimited color options. Our control panel lest you change the color scheme of your website within seconds. What if you want a color from another website but cannot get it right? Just any color picker, copy the hexa or RGB code of the color and paste it on the color options. Your color will the exact same match.

All Our Themes Comes with Unlimited Background Options:

Want a sizzling background for your website? TemplateHouse themes and HTMl templates comes with a vast number of options to customize your website's background image or color. Our stock backgrounds don to meet your needs? You can always upload your own images as backgrounds and have the look just the way you want. Want a different color with the same image? Just select the color you love and the color scheme you want is set.

Have Great In-Built Ad Management:

All TemplateHouse HTML templates and wordpress themes have great built-in ad management option. The founders and the developers of are professional bloggers and web developers, so we know the most effective and optimum placement for ads. Our themes and templates provide the simplest and yet powerful in-built option to control you advertisements and ensure the highest CTR and earnings. Purchasing your themes resolve all of your ad issues, don't waste your money on third-party plugins.

You Can Easily Select From Any of 600+ Google Fonts To Use In Your Theme:

Want to make your website truly yours? With over 600 google fonts to choose form we have got your back. If you are looking to make sure that texts on your website has readability for the vast pool of your audience, google font is the easiest way to go. No matter what device is being used, google fonts will render just fine. Some of your visitor may prefer simple serif fonts and other might dig decorative font. TemplateHouse themes and templates are compatible with all google fonts so no matter what font you chose, your website can show them correctly.

Our Themes Have Easy-To-Use Built In Social Sharing Buttons:

Say good bye to boring, inefficient, heavy and slow mainstream social media plugins that deteriorate your website's smoothness, fluidity and slows down the load-time. All of our wordpress themes and HTML5 templates have built-in feather-like light social sharing option. One of our goal is to develop themes and templates that are ready to use out of the box without much effort. We assure that the articles your writhe using your valuable time will the right exposure over social Medias and the love they deserves.

We Develop Our Themes Using Latest HTML5 and CSS3 Markup:

HTML5 and CSS3 are the new buzzword of web development. These lasts versions of the programs enable the developers to write cleaner and neater codes. With the native support for rich media files, TemplateHouse themes are built to play audio and video files without extra plugin tags. This makes the webpage even lighter. And finally, HTML5 can force the browser to load a previously visited page even if the user is temporally offline. Here at TemplateHouse, our developer has taken this advantage to design all our free and premium wordpress themes and HTML template to load fast and reduce the server load significantly. About CSS3, this language is used to design the basic HTML structure. Though CSS3 has a lot under the hood to offer, but the most important for the website owners are the ability to load faster and a wide range of browser support. Our developer never forgets to take advantage of the latest tech when developing a theme or template so that our customer can enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Our Themes are created with Clean and Clearly Commented Code:

Clear comment us the most important thing for a webmaster when it comes to edit a theme or template. Most of the wordpress themes or plain HTML templates come with too complicated codes without clear comments that makes the webmaster's job difficult andconfuses the search engine crawler, which ultimately results in a lower rank of the website. TemplateHouse wordpress themes and HTML templates have section by section comments stating which section of the code does what to make it easier to edit the code for web admin and search engines to crawl.

Make More Money with Better Ad Placements and a Higher CTR:

It doesn't matter what kind of website you own, you most probably have subscribed to AdSense. To generate a generous amount of money from your ads, template house free wordpress themes and free html templates offer you the optimal ad placement. Our premium wordpress themes and premium HTML templates have the highest CTR (Click Through Rate) on the market. Our customers have reported a significant improve in earnings after they switched to TemplateHouse themes. TemplateHouse themes can pay for itself in two to three days depending on your traffic.

Features And Denefits

Awesome Featruse
Lightweight Code

We take steps while coding to make sure our themes load lighting fast. We never add anything in the code unless it is necessary. To take things one step further, we compress the code to bare minimum.

Clean Code

Along with lightweight code, we always keep our codes clean and simple. It helps you or your developer when you decide to change things here and there.

SEO Friendly

Clean and standard code structure ensures that the search engines can crawl your website without any hiccup. All of our free and premium wordpress themes and HTML templates are designed maintaining the latest search engine guidelines.

Optimized Themes and Plugins

We designed our themes, plugins and templates ensuring the page loads fast, increased pageviews and lower bounce ratethat results in a higher revenue for our customers. Our years' worth experience and research are poured into each of our themes to deliver highest possible performance.

User Friendly

templatehouse designers work nights and days to ensure that your visitors are comfortable navigating through you website when they visit it. A perfect website is completely useless if the visitors don't know what is where and where to click.

Easy to Setup

Our industry leading, powerful and user friendly GUI based control panel lets you customize your site the way you want without making your life a code mess.

Logo and Favicon Upload Options

So you want to add your own logo and favicon to your website but don't know coding? Our control panel is 100% GUI and beginner friendly. So uploading your logo or favicon is just a matter of few clicks.

One Click Installation

Templatehouse themes are easy as breeze to install. You just need to upload the theme file and bam! Done. Our premium and free wordpress themes come with dummy data so your website looks exactly as the demo as soon as you install the theme.

Reduces Bounce Rate

Both of our premium and free wordpress themes and HTML templates designed in category wise. Coupled with popular widgets and category wise post and/ or product section will help reduce the bounce rate.

Increases Pageviews

We keep our designs interactive, clean and simple. Your customers feel welcome when they visit your page. To keep your visitors even more engaged, our premium and free wordpress themes and HTML templates contain social media share buttons and other related contents from your website are suggested to the visitors.

Reduced Server Load

We know your traffic might spike suddenly. We also know you don't want to spend a fortune on server resources just for few unusual events. So we have written our code in an efficient manner so even if your traffic spikes out of the blue your website function perfectly with minimal resources.

Retain Visitors

Our themes are designed to leave a picture on visitors' mind so that they keep coming back to you. We also have email subscription options, just in case you want to get back to your visitors