PSD To WordPress

PSD To WordPress PSD to wordpress development is one of the many things that we excel in. Our coders have hundreds of hours of experience converting complex PSD file into a full fledge working wordpress site under their belts. Being an entrepreneur, you might have taken things in your own hand, and sketched out an awesome looking website in photoshop. Now you just need someone to give it life. Template House is here with pride to take off the burden from your shoulder. Our highly skilled developers will convert the PSD file into a fully working wordpress site in no time.

While converting the PSD file into a wordpress theme, we make sure that the final output is the exact same in terms of appearance.Fonts, colors, backgrounds everything is a copy of your PSD file.Template House developers ensure that the code they write in the conversion process of the PSD to wordpress theme, is clean and light-weight. Clean and light weight code makes it easy for browsers to read and load fast while reducing the server load.

Thus with our PSD to WordPress theme conversion service, you get a wordpress website that loads fast in every browser and forgiving on your server. Our coders also ensure that the code structure is up to the mark, so optimizing your website for search engines is easy. With clearly commented code sections, it is as easy as reading a book to edit anything in the future if needed. Clear comments in every section also helps search engines bots to crawl you website, resulting in a higher page ranking.

We guaranty PSD to 100% dynamic wordpress website conversion. While some PSD to wordpress theme conversion service provider may be done with the job just by converting the PSD into a static website, here at Template House, we make sure that each part of the theme is dynamic. A Dynamic theme lets you change the website banner form admin panel with ease. Just upload a new photo and press the save button, no code change is required. Let’s say you want to change a the font, or color scheme, favicon, logo, edit an existing post, a dynamic theme gives you the power to do so in a matter of clicks, no coding skills are required

Responsiveness is assured with our service. Template House theme developers carefully build every section of the theme to ensure responsiveness. A responsive website scales itself according to the device that is being used to visit the site. Now-a-days, people are using hundreds of different device, ranging from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and ultra large display desktops, all with different regulations.

It would be very bad if one device displays the website correctly and another one shows broken. But it is also impossible to design the website for every device separately. In a situation like this, responsiveness comes to the rescue. Our developers use bootstrap, a HTML5 and CSS3framework while converting your PSD file into a wordpress theme to make it responsive.Pure HTML5 markup adds bonus SEO points for your website.

Use of latest CSS3 with SASS and LESS makes the theme interactive, elegant and eye pleasing. Once your visitors land on your website they will find the way around themselves. Template House just does not convert your PSD file into a wordpress website, we deliver you the complete website that you have been dreaming of.