WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress Theme Customization Do you want an exciting, interactive theme instead of your existing basic and mainstream one? TemplateHouse is delight to customize your wordpress themes for you the way you want. Our professional developers have more than 5 years of experience customizing wordpress themes under their belts. Let it be a few minor tweaks and code changes or a top to bottom renovation, our developers will do the job with precision.Our developers work in teams to reduce the work pressure to stay more focused on their own area of task that ultimately ensures an errorless final output.

WordPress is the largest free CMS available on hand, maintained by thousands of volunteers for free. There are more than 100 thousands free wordpress plugins and thousands more commercial or premium. WordPress is really easy to maintain, with its admin friendly GUI based control panel, even the non-tech shavvy person can create and run a wordpress website. With its SEO and search engine friendly structure, your online business will boom for sure, you just need to make sure that your website has all the good bits in it and that’s where we come in with our wordpress theme customization service.

TemplateHouse provides wordpress theme customization service for all possible types of websites. Small business, corporate site, entrepreneurial site, eStore, professional services, restaurant, blog, photo gallery, video collection, portfolio –it really doesn’t matter what type the website is, we are able to tailor fit the theme for you.

Some theme customization service providers are focused on visuals while others care for responsiveness. TemplateHouse designers take the appearance of your theme to the peak while the engineers ensure the responsiveness of the site while coding. With the combination of visual appeals and functionality, TemplateHouse provides the whole of a great website for your business so that it efficiently serves your business purposes while pleasing the visitors artistically.

One of our major goal in wordpress theme customization is to give birth to a SEO (Search Engine Optimized) worthiness website. Our developers ensure that the new design does not hurt the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking at coding stage. We use HTML5 and CSS3 along with SASS and LESS. HTML5 helps gain better search engine optimization while CSS3 makes your website fluid smooth and responsive. SASS and LESS are very powerful CSS extension that let us integrate mind boggling and yet elegant animations and transition while preserving the light-weight characteristics of the website.

We have dedicated team to quality check the graphics used, test the ergonomic characteristics of the layout and even a proof reader. We thrive to make your website fancy not fluffy. To add versatility to your website, we leave scope of future development and plugin support. We are here to provide you a complete website, not few pieces of the puzzle.