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The fast-moving world is converting everything into the digital or versual platform. When we need to know about sometimes, we look for it on the internet or do a google search. That means it’s a necessity to have a virtual address or digital identity.

What virtual address means?

A virtual address is something that represents you on the internet. It can be a social media account or website. Where people can know about you, ask a question or know about any service’s information or anything that you provide. But having a website as a virtual address is the most professional way to present yourself.

What is WordPress?

Website builds with programming languages. Such as HTML, Java, Javascript, python, or using any other programming language. But it’s truly difficult to know those programing languages for many people. And building a professional website is not a piece of cake for the beginner. Most importantly learning those languages takes a lengthy time.

But in the present time, it’s become a kinda essential to have a virtual address for everything. To make the complex process of building a website, the WordPress foundation comes up with a brilliant solution. They build up a side, that provides pre-made webpage templates.

WordPress provides free and premium website templates. You need to purchase the premium website themes but using the free templates is enough to make a professional website. With the service of WordPress, you can build any kind of website. As educational, Bussines or industrial, e-commerce or portfolio, blogs & article, etc. Not only theme but WordPress also provides elementor and plug-in options.

WordPress is the all-in-one solution for your virtual address or website.

How to install WordPress?

  • Downloadthe WordPress to your computer from the official page of WordPress. Or you can also use this link –
  • Do unzip the downloaded file first on your computer.
  • Find the file name “WordPress” and upload it to your hosting account’s file manager.

There are three ways to accomplish this process. Uploading via FTP or File manager and the last SSH.

  • Create the ‘MySQL database’ and usedit by login into the ‘cPanel’.
  • Click on the iron of ‘MySQL database wizard’.
  • Create a database account by setting up the ‘name’ and ‘password’.
  • Add users to the database and allow them to click all privileges.
  • And complete the task by clicking on the ‘next step’.
  • And make sure that you make a note of the database name, username, and password.


The configure of wp-config.php

The wp-configur.php file contains the database information. It works to tell the WordPress application from which database to pull data. Those steps are necessary to ensure that the correct database information is associated with the WordPress installation. Even if it’s a primary ‘public_html’ by default.

  • Login into the ‘Cpanel’ and click on the ‘file manager’.
  • Click in the ‘public_html’ and open the ‘setting’ from your right side corner.
  • It will show you a pop-up box, check the box to show hidden files (dotfiles).
  • Press the ‘save button’.
  • The wp-configur.php file will be on the left side.
  • Click and change the name of the file, click on the rename file button and save it.
  • To edit the file, do right click and a new pop-up box will appear.
  • Click on the edit again.
  • You will see some coding there. That mention the database ‘name here’, ‘username here’, and also the ‘password_here’.
  • Replace those with the ‘name’ and ‘password’ you have created on the database.
  • Once you are done. Click on the ‘save change’ button on the right side and close the pop-up box.
  • Return to the ‘file manager’.

To run the installation –

  • Open a browser and search your URL and it will show you a setup page for your website.
  • First, select your preferred language and click on continue.
  • A page will appear with the message “ welcome to the famous five-minute WordPress installation process”.
  • The page will ask you for some needed pieces of informationsuch as site title, username, password, email, and search engine visibility.
  • Provide the information and click to install the WordPress button.
  • It will take you to the main page by saying” WordPress has been installed. Thank you and enjoy”.
  • And then you can just simply login to your website account and do customization as you like.

How to install a theme on WordPress

  • First, log in to your account to go to the dashboard.
  • On the dashboard, there is an option called appearance, click on it.
  • Then click on the theme option.
  • Press the “add new” button.
  • A list will appear. Select your needed featured, popular, latest, or favorite ones to install.
  • Use the built-in search if needed.
  • Set certain filters by clicking on the feature filter.
  • Then you can select and search the layout, features, and subject once from the list.
  • After selecting the options click on the apply filters.
  • The service will show you aninstall button. Click on it.
  • After installing the theme. Click on ‘active’.
  • Click on it and the theme starts the customization as you like.

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